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All rentals totaling a combined minimum of $180 within a 15 miles radius of North Haven, CT are free of charge.

Areas outside of that radius will only be charged a small fuel surcharge for the round trip.

Delivery times are booked by you and can work around your schedule.

We deliver at all hours for your convince so any time you would like us to drop your items off will be fine as long as that time slot has not already been reserved by another customer and you, the renter, will be present when we arrive.

Once a time slot is booked you can rest assured that we will be there on time and ready to set up.

Please be sure to be there and ready for us when we arrive as we may have other time sensitive deliveries scheduled for the day.

We are usually in and out in approximately 30 minutes or less depending  on what is required for set up.

Pick up times are set by you

Simply let us know what time you will be finished with our equipment and we will be there at that time or shortly after to pick it up.

We prefer that you are there at the time of pick up if possible.

Pick up does require slightly more time then drop off but we will try to be gone in less then an hour.

If the pick up time you choose is late at night we will do our best to be as quiet as possible so we do not disturb you or your neighbors.

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We are a small company of seriously motivated employees. We normally get back to you same day, but on rare occasions we are sleeping and get back to you next day.

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