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About Our equipment

Our Bounce houses

 Our bounce houses are manufactured for commercial use by businesses in the inflatable rental industry. They are ideal for birthday parties, carnivals, church and charity events, at home or any other outings.

What makes a bounce house commercial quality? It’s is the grade, weight and quality of the materials used and the quality of construction. Our bouncers use only 18 ounce, non-rip, fire-retardant vinyl in their construction.  All seams are double stitched and in stress areas triple and quadruple stitching is used. Our bouncers are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry and the are made right here in the USA!

Our bounce houses are all completely enclosed making them the safest you can get and they all include a stable entrance ramp and a roof!

When it comes to the safety of your loved ones you cant be too cautious! Choose Party Prestige with confidence!

Our foam machines

The machine that started it all still produces the best foam! Perfect for any size foam party. Kids foam parties, church foam parties, club foam parties, and teen foam parties all use this amazing machine. Our foam machines will produce a long lasting foam. The quality design combined with the huge foam output and incredible durability make this machine ideal for most events. This machine is perfect for indoor or outdoor events. It includes a stand for convenient set up or it can be hung from a deck, tree, basketball hoop or anything capable of supporting around 50 pounds. The machine is capable of quickly filling a 20′ x 20′ area with foam!

The foam solution we provide is the best on the market! The foam stacks high, lasts long, and will not leave any residue. The solution is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and biodegradable.

The machine is fed by a sump pump that will automatically shut off when the fluid runs out so there is nothing to worry about!

You will be provided with a 50 gallon empty barrel, you must supply the water. your first 64 oz bottle of solution will be included which is the exact amount requires to fill the barrel with the perfect mixture. Each addition 64 oz bottle will be $20.

Here is just a sample of how much foam you can expect from our foam machines. These foam machines aren’t your little handheld bubble blower. They can fill up backyards.

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