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Why choose us?



Our bouncers are cleaned and sanitized with a safe, non toxic cleaner that removes bacteria, germs, mold and kills diseases after each and every use. We at Party Prestige understand that sanitation is as important as safety when it comes to your kids health, and having kids of our own we understand your concerns.


Having a bouncer for the entire day will inspire hours and hours of exercise, sun and fresh air for your kids…  Remember, when the kids get a good night sleep, so do the parents.



We give you a bouncer for the entire day!  If your guests show up a little late its no big deal… If they are having so much fun that they want to stay and bounce longer then GREAT! Just let us know when you are done and we will pick it up. Let’s face it, it takes most kids a little while to get comfortable with their surroundings before they can really open up and have fun. Party Prestige understands kids and what it takes to make them happy! We are here to inspire fun…..after all, isn’t that why you hired us?


We take pride in offering the lowest prices around as well as additional specials and discounts because we want your repeat business and referrals.  We are in the party business because we love seeing smiles… The money is just a bonus.



We make it as easy as possible for you. Tell us what time you want us there and you can count on us being on time! When we get there just show us where you want it and leave the rest to us. We are very careful and respectful of your property and are gone in around 30 minutes. We provide a tarp to protect your lawn and a safe, weatherproof extension cord if needed. If you decide to rent tables and chairs from us we will even set them up for you…. If you need our help with anything else while we are there just ask, we are there to serve you.

The Parents

Party Prestige understands that it is all about the kids and making their day special! We also think that the parents are important too. Why not have a party at home where the parents and the kids can enjoy the sun and the fun…. And after all the kids leave its time for the adults to bounce! You KNOW you want to…  and it IS yours for the entire day 🙂


The kids!

Its their day! What kid wants to feel rushed and have a time limit on their fun!? Having their own personal bouncer in their own back yard for an entire day is awesome! It’s an experience they will never forget! All their friends will be impressed and they will feel like a king (or queen)! You will be their hero….I promise I won’t tell them how inexpensive it was 😉

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